AMHOME Wall Skirting And Moulding

AMHOME wrapped wall Skirting and moulding having the easthetic looking similar to the real wood. They having great advantages like not distort, damp-proof, moisture-proof, paint-free and easy to install.

With our diverse wrapped products, better choice for our variable customers and we aim to make life easier to workers, interior decoraters, carpenters and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. AMHOME diverse wrapped skirting and moulding are renowned for being durable and easy to work with. you can be assured of a quality products that consistently exceeds your expectations. As set forth in our slogan "good looks, durablility, easy care", we aim our mission to achieve the best quality product for our customers while maintaining competitiveness.

Colours And Patterns

AB17-2 AB26-4 AB26-6 AB28-9 AB39-4 AB40-1
AB43-2 AB46-3 AB67-1 AB37-2

Products Specification

T-Moulding for same level of adjacent surface or floor Wall skirting for the edges along the walls
F-Moulding for staircase/ platform cover at the edge between the raise and step Wall skirting for the edges along the walls
L-Moulding for lower level of adjacent surface or floor End-Moulding for the edges in front of adjacent sills, tiles or other rising
Item Diagram Sizes (mm)
1. Wall Skirting 18mm X 80mm X 2400mm
2. Wall Skirting 16mm X 58mm X 2400mm
3. Stairnose 15mm X 52mm X 2400mm
4. F-Moulding 16mm X 58mm X 2400mm
5. L-Moulding 12mm X 33mm X 2400mm
6. T-Moulding 12mm X 44mm X 2400mm
7. End-Moulding 12mm X 44mm X 2400mm
8. Wall and Ceiling Panel 8mm X 136mm X 2440mm

* Monitor screen illustration of design may vary in colour from the original products.