Engineering Flooring


OROGINAL wood project a sleek, stylish and modern appeal for stunning visual effect. The clean lines of these wood are perfect in lending a contemporary finish to any decor.

VILLA wood convey an aura of warmth with subtle hues and vivid indication of grain patterns highlighting the knotty characterictics of the wood.

CLASSIC wood are elegant and timeless, pocessing a rich beauty that endures for the ages. These versatile wood can be used for both traditional and moden setting. They are exemplified by minimal color variation and few knots.

COUNTRY wood create an effect reminiscent of cozy cottages and hunting lodges with roaring fireplaces and all-round comfort. The wonderful rustic charm is enhanced by broad variations in the grain, color and distinctive knots.

Locking Mechanism

Patterns & Dimensions

190 X 2190mm / 1830mm
138 X 2190mm / 1830mm
125 X 2190mm / 1830mm
180 X 2190mm
190 X 2190mm
190 X 2190mm / 1830mm

Thickness: 14mm and 22mm
Options: (i) Aluminium oxide or antiscratch; (ii) Gloss level 8%, 25% or 50%; (iii) Micro bevelled (royal, imperial and more)

* Monitor screen illustration of design may vary in colour from the original products.