Melamine Doors

This product provide a durable, hygienic and low maintenance solution for vertical surface elements. A seductive variety of timeless neutral colours and decorative finishes are offered in the MELAMINE doors. The door panel are also designed to mix match and contrast the beauty of Melamine wood grain and color. Edging options for door add another expressive detail and enhanced durability. Square edge door, with a 1mm edge tape will resonate with designers and customers who relish a clean lined aesthetic.

Product specifications:

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CQ 08037 H 09178 H 49028 Y 14087 Q 10057 Q 34027
Q 07177 CA 04888W CQ 08028 CP 31157 CP 31077 CF 02067
CU 05038 CF 07097 CC 01167      

* Monitor screen illustration of design may vary in colour from the original products.